Protecting Truck With Bed Cover


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It seems most people are very, very satisfied with this truck bed cover and how great it is at keeping the rain off their cargo. You would class it as a hard bed cover, but being constructed of ABS keeps it light weight and easy to handle. This particular hard lid is a low profile, weather tight tonneau. A truck bed cover will protect freight from rainfall, wind and sunshine. Bishop, Ken "Types of Truck Bed Covers - Their Advantages and Disadvantages." Types of Truck Bed Covers - Their Advantages and Disadvantages. The main disadvantage of the fiberglass cover is they are expensive and the fact that it only lifts up from the rear and you cannot use your truck for tall cargo. The hard fiberglass have the advantage of being one of the best for keeping your cargo area dry and they look great painted to match your truck color. The word tonneau basically refers to a cover used to conceal a compartment and protect it from the sun and weather. 

You will find all the tonneau covers above and many more at prices you can't miss out at Ken’s Website Bak offers the RollBak and Truck Covers USA offer their American Roll. For a class all on their own, not cheap, allow you quick access to your truck bed and open up completely allowing you to carry higher cargo loads any time. For a more expensive tonneau cover and more security for your cargo I will make the following suggestions. You are trying to keep the price down but you need to be able to get at your truck bed fast, often and maybe with high cargo loads. You may want to get at your truck bed quick and easy but still want to keep the price down, I would suggest the Extang Express.